Cirrus Perspective

Cirrus Aircraft is the most technologically advanced general aviation aircraft on the market. Its features are in non comparison with any other. A glass cockpit, complete with features such as: an integrated autopilot, advanced GPS units, Storm Scope, Sky Watch, C-max, Synthetic Vision, Infrared EVS, a Level Button, dual AHARS, Perspective ESP, and Enhanced Terrain provide astonishing situational awareness and a greatly reduced pilot workload. All Cirrus Aircraft come with the most advancement in avionics possible.

Integrity In Engineering
Cirrus Aircraft have many engineered design features that make it far superior to other aircrafts. The airframe is composed of complex composites, making an aerodynamic airframe that’s incredibly sturdy and stable. Cirrus has also made improvements in wing design in creating a “spin resistant” wing. The wing is cuffed, or has a separate wing, that makes for excellent aileron control even in stalled conditions. Cirrus has also taken largely into consideration reducing pilot workload, a very safe design feature. Pilots find the cockpit designed and laid out in a very easy to manage manner.
Multilayered Engineered Safety
Cirrus has been the leader in safety since they’ve been in production. One astonishing feature that makes Cirrus the leader in safety is the ballistics recovery system, or Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System. Useable at altitudes as low as 500’ AGL, a deployed parachute will bring the aircraft and its occupants safely to the ground where the aircraft is further designed to absorb the impact through collapsible landing gear, forgiving honeycomb seat cushions, and an encompassing roll cage integrated into the airframe. The Cirrus Airframe Parachute System has already saved several lives in real life threatening emergencies.
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