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You’ve decided to pursue flight training in a Cirrus Design aircraft, excellent decision. Did you know that Cirrus has teamed with ASA to provide a Private/Instrument combined course that’s Cirrus specific? You’re already learning how to navigate, operate, and manage the most technologically advanced aircraft as a private pilot, may as well take it further and broaden your understanding and further hone your skills. A Private/Instrument student will learn, at a much higher level, the full potential of the aircraft, and its amazing technology.  

  • Private
  • Instrument
  • Private/Instrument
  • Commercial ( Single-engine land)
  • CFII
  • VFR/IFR Cirrus Transition Courses
    • Time building and Currency requirements

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Cirrus SR-20
  • $215/Hr Hourly Rate
  • $210/Hr Block Rate 

Cirrus SR-22 Normally Aspiratred (Dry Rate)

  • $199/Hour

SR-22 Turbo (Dry Rate)

  • $275/Hour

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