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You’ve decided to pursue flight training in a Cirrus Design aircraft, excellent decision. Did you know that Cirrus has teamed with ASA to provide a Private/Instrument combined course that’s Cirrus specific? You’re already learning how to navigate, operate, and manage the most technologically advanced aircraft as a private pilot, may as well take it further and broaden your understanding and further hone your skills. A Private/Instrument student will learn, at a much higher level, the full potential of the aircraft, and its amazing technology.  

Los Angeles’s only FAA approved Cirrus Flight Simulator
Los Angeles Cirrus pilots have been long overdue for a Cirrus specific advanced flight simulator. The training that a pilot receives from a simulator is insurmountable to anything else. Pilots that attempt managing an approach, to minimums, with several failures and who log it as actual flight time have a bit more confidence in flight, unequivocally. Our flight simulator is full sized and FAA approved to count as actual flight time towards most certificates and currency requirements. It’s the most valuable flight training tool available and it’s only at CalAir.

  • Private
  • Instrument
  • Private/Instrument
  • Commercial ( Single-engine land)
  • CFII
  • VFR/IFR Cirrus Transition Courses
    • Time building and Currency requirements

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Pricing is a”wet price”
  • $215/Hr Hourly Rate
  • $210/Hr Block Rate 

SR-22 Normally Aspirated (Dry Rate)

  • $225/Hr Hourly Rate
  • $220/Hr Block Rate 

SR-22 Turbo (Dry Rate)

  • $225/Hr

RedBird Advanced Aircraft Training Device (AATD)

  • $85/Hr Hourly Rate
  • $75/Hr Block Rate

Instruction Rates

  • $80/Hr Hourly Rate
  • $65/Hr Block Rate

First Lesson   $179
10 Hour Block $2750
5 Hour Block $1375
Ask About Tiered Block Rates

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