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CalAir Aviation is Los Angeles’s premiere Cirrus Training Center and Cirrus rental facility. Based out of Torrance Airport, we specialize explicitly in the innovative, safe, and technologically advanced Cirrus Aircraft. Flight training is offered for a variety of ratings and certificates, as well as Cirrus transition courses. Our Flight school is built on a strong foundation that knowledge is key to superior piloting skills. At the heart of our facility is a student center, compiled of several resources, teaching aides, and tools to include Los Angeles’s only FAA approved Cirrus specific flight simulator. Our instructional staff has years of experience in Cirrus Aircraft and has the patience and perseverance to work diligently with students on any topic, through any plateau. We invite you to come take a look and experience why CalAir is already home to many Los Angeles based Cirrus pilots.

Why CalAir:

With several flight schools in the Los Angeles area, it can be extremely difficult to make a proper decision on what’s a best fit for you. Most schools will boast one thing or another that sets them apart from the rest. At CalAir, however, there are several reasons why we’re the newest and best flight school in Los Angeles and following are just a few reasons why:

LA’s only FAA approved Cirrus specific flight simulator: Our student center is already compiled with more tools and resources than most flights schools, period. However, adding to it is Los Angeles’s only FAA approved, full sized, advanced flight simulator. It’s an integral part to all coursers offered at CalAir, and a major benefit to all our students.

CalAir’s Ferry Program: We understand that schedules can be tight and that commuting or just getting around Los Angeles can be a sheer headache. That’s why we’ve put into place a “ferry program” for all our students. We’ll come to you and bring our services to your local airport, and all this done at a highly discounted ferry rate. And, because Santa Monica is a neighbor of Torrance Airport, we’ll meet anyone who elects to fly from that location for free! There’s no other flight school in Los Angeles bringing training to you.

Carbon Free Flight School: CalAir is pleased to announce that we are the only flight school in Los Angeles that has taken a priority in joining a carbon offsetting program. We make quarterly contributions to green energy companies to “offset” our carbon use. We understand that this doesn’t make up for our fuel consumption, but it is however one of our tiny ways of trying to build a better company and a better flight school.

jonathan Bio:
My passion for flying developed long before I can remember. My grandfather, a retired bird colonial from the U.S Air Force, used to take me flying on weekend’s in his circa 1940’s Navion. Departing Van Nuys early in the mornings to get breakfast at any number of airfields in Southern California, I had the privilege of learning to fly from a 40,000 hour combat pilot as a child. After high school, I joined the California Air National Guard where I served 6 years as an Air Transport Journeymen with the 146th Airlift Wing out of Point Mugu. While serving enlisted, I attended a few of California’s community colleges working on credits to fulfill my Bachelor’s in Physics. It wasn’t until I became a tutor for college Algebra and calculus that I realized I had developed a strong passion for teaching. Eventually, I decided to transfer to an Embry-Riddle satellite campus where I completed my Bachelor’s in Professional Aviation, graduating on Dean’s list and Honor roll. Post enlistment, I was approved to attend the Delta Connection Academy in Florida. I was one of the first students to complete the newly implemented scenario based FAA FITS Private-Instrument combined and commercial syllabus. I trained explicitly in Cirrus aircraft for my Private, Instrument, and Commercial Single Engine licenses. After a brief 10 months and 148 flight hours in the Florida humidity, and a not so promising job market, I moved back to California where I did my CFI and CFII part 61. I worked for a flight school in the LA area for a couple of years where I was able to hone and develop my own teaching style and technique. Before long I naturally found that my background, training, and style are a seamless fit for Cirrus.


Dean’s List, Honor Roll, Honorable Discharge California Air National Guard, CFI, CFII, Commercial Multi-Single Engine Land, B.A. in Professional Aeronautics

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